Better For You, the Cows & the Planet

It’s a win win win.

It took more than 25 years to get to where we are today, and we want to show you how we do things the Hart way.

This is an episode of the Georgia Public Broadcasting TV Show, “A Fork in the Road” featuring Hart Dairy. It was released in February 2021. Check it out!

25 Years, $30 Million, AND Halfway Around the World

 Richard & Tim brought the most advanced Dairy practices from around the world to Augusta, Georgia

 And back then they were talking about the same things they talk about today: treating cows humanely, and how to make milk amazing again. $30 million was invested to build an environmentally sustainable dairy with grass-fed cows that are outdoors 365 days a year.

Tim Connell was tired of seeing products marketed as “grass-fed” when he knew those cows could spend more than 7 months a year in confinement. They certainly aren’t roaming the pastures like the packaging would have you think.

Richard Watson (or Dr. Watson, Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition and Grazing Techniques) has spent the past 25 years studying pasture-based agriculture. His entire career has been devoted to making farms that are not only better for the environment, but that also treat cows the way they should be treated – humanely. 

And together (along with the rest of the Hart Dairy team), they set off to create a dairy farm that not only puts animal welfare first, but one that also actively helps the environment in the process.

At Hart Dairy we’re proud to be the first pasteurized dairy cow milk sold in the US with the Certified Humane® designation. This rigorous process checks that all our dairy cows have the proper conditions to be healthy and live as close to nature as we can provide. This includes giving cows the proper feed, water, roaming space, light, shelter from the elements, temperature, and more.

In addition, Hart Dairy is Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World. This certification and food label lets consumers know these animals are raised outdoors on pasture or range in accordance with the highest animal welfare standards in the U.S. and Canada, using sustainable agriculture methods on an independent farm. 

We’re also recognized by the ASPCA Shop With your Heart ProgramNon-GMO Project Verified, and yes, we’re Kosher.


Beyond taking care of our cows, at Hart Dairy farms we’re committed to helping the environment and practicing Regenerative Agriculture.

The number one way to sequester carbon and take it out of the atmosphere is to grow massive amounts of vegetation, and since our cows need so much space, that means A LOT of grasslands.

And because we are always growing something green, a 7 year study uncovered that  our farms have been sequestering 3.5T of carbon a year on average, and up to 8.9T in our best year. That’s 17,800 pounds!

This puts Hart Dairy on track to be a Climate Positive company as early as 2023.

(…) we’ve regenerated the land to levels only seen generations ago, when this was a virgin forest

– Dr. Richard Watson, about Hart Dairy farm soil


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Decades of experience in Dairy Farming, Regenerative Agriculture, Nutrient Studies and more

tim connell

Chief Executive Officer

Connell leads Hart Dairy with over 30 years of entrepreneurial success in the food and beverage industry. While Tim started his career as an accountant, he became a highly accomplished founder and investor in various sectors, including publishing, entertainment, and hospitality. 

He co-founded Hart Dairy with the goal of building an ethically driven, transparent company. And with a verifiable track record of successfully taking new products to market, Tim is making Hart Dairy a brand that consumers can trust.

richard watson

Founding farmer

Dr. Richard Watson is one of the world’s top experts in soil management and crop production, but he doesn’t brag about it.

He encourages farmers to farm the right way – 365 days a year, pasture-raised and grass-fed. Richard taught at The University of Georgia Agricultural College before starting his farm, where he’s worked over 20 years to perfect the practices.

Richard believes in putting the health of the cow first, and it’s why Hart Dairy’s milk is so delicious.

Jeremy Dobbie

Jeremy Dobbie

Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy Dobbie brings over 15 years of experience leading highly matrixed teams at Fortune 500 companies. 
His talent of building high-performing teams will help the organization flourish, while cementing Hart Dairy as a market leader and expanding the product into retail stores across the United States.
Jeremy is well-respected for his clear communication style and supportive team culture, which go hand-in-hand with Hart Dairy’s values.

George Konovalov

Vice President,

George brings over 35 years of sales management within the natural, organic, and specialty food industries.

He understands what consumers want, and he’ll work to get Hart Dairy milk on as many grocery store shelves as possible.

George is a recognized leader in the industry, and he is excited to make our milk THE milk you choose for your family.

Paul Gregg


Paul Gregg brings over 20 years of sales experience. You name it and Paul has done it.

His experience with start-ups and the food industry will help Hart Dairy grow, and make our milk available in more grocery stores.

Paul is well respected in the food/beverage industry, and he is proud to work for a company he believes in.

Ron Marks

Vice President,
Operations and R&D

Ron knows what it means to work with food that tastes great.

He has over 40 years of experience elevating brands and creating delicious food, and he trained alongside well-known chef Jacques Pepin.

Ron’s passion for crafting healthy, ethical, and award-winning food – along with his immense knowledge of the science of food – is an important part of what makes Hart Dairy milk so delicious.