Hart Dairy has transitioned to 59-ounce gable-top cartons. Here’s why.

Our new packaging started to appear on shelves this past week.

We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about it – and also a few questions as to why we switched.

New packaging for Hart Dairy’s Whole Milk, 2% Reduced-Fat Milk, and Chocolate Milk

The transition to our new 59-ounce gable-top cartons has been in the works for a while now and we want to explain a few of the advantages behind our new packaging.


The new cartons provide much more real estate for text and images, allowing us to differentiate our milk from other milks. And we have A LOT to say about our animal welfare, nutrition, and environmental practices!

Not only are our cows pasture-raised and grass-fed 365 days a year, our milk is also Certified HumaneⓇ, Non-GMO Project Verified, and recognized by the ASPCA Shop With your Heart Program.

Additionally, Hart Dairy is a Pilot Participant in A Greener World’s Certified Regenerative program. We’re even Kosher!

We don’t use GMOs, artificial growth hormones, synthetic hormones, or rBST.

All of this allows us to make Simply.Better.Milk. that is highly nutritious and great tasting. And NOW we can say all that on the carton!

Hart Dairy Whole Milk Packaging – when every side is your good side


We’ve switched to Ultra High Temperature (UHT) pasteurization, also known as Ultra-Pasteurization.

This process nearly triples the shelf life of conventional pasteurization, allowing our milk to be enjoyed 60-70 days after the date of pasteurization.

And in more good news, research shows there’s no meaningful difference between the nutritional content of pasteurized and unpasteurized milk.


The extended shelf life allows us to minimize waste – which is a big deal for us. Our cows and farmers work hard to deliver the freshest, purest milk to your table.

With our previous pasteurized milk, we had a significant spoilage rate. We knew we had to do something about that.

Our goal is to bring our delicious milk to every American table at an affordable price. And UHT pasteurization allows us to take a BIG step closer to that goal since our milk now has 60-70 days of shelf life.


Speaking of being on every table in America, the extended shelf life allows us to reach more families. Many supermarkets who have a presence in multiple states prefer to work with suppliers who can fulfill in each and every state where they are represented.

The cartons are also easier and more cost effective to ship because of the square shape (vs our old circle base). We are excited to pass these cost savings along to our customers and sell our milk at a reasonable price.

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Responsible forestry helps protect vulnerable forests from illegal logging, encroachment or conversion. It’s important to us and it’s important to our customers.

When you purchase a carton of Hart Dairy milk, you may notice the FSC label on the back. That stands for Forest Stewardship CouncilⓇ. It’s one of the many ways we’ve committed to limiting our footprint – by integrating the sustainable growth and harvesting of trees with protection of wildlife, plants, soils, and water.

In fact, we pay extra to ensure that the paper products in our cartons are made from 100% U.S.-sourced wood that can be traced to its district of origin. It’s that important to us.

Cartons ship flat from the manufacturer to Hart Dairy, which lowers warehousing and transportation costs, and even reduces vehicular emissions — ultimately creating a smaller carbon footprint.

The cartons are also widely recyclable and can be made into everyday products like paper and stationery, tissue and household papers, and building materials.

Hart Dairy 2% Reduced Fat, Whole Milk, and Chocolate Milk

We are far from being perfect addressing all the challenges a modern dairy company must address, but we are working on it, one step at a time.

We have more exciting packaging plans for the future, but we’ll save that spiel for another day.

Please visit our website to learn more about our new products.