our cows

We’re proud to treat our cows the way cows should be treated. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s also the only way to get truly incredible milk. Unfortunately, many dairies keep their cows in confinement in conditions that are too sad to mention. But luckily for our cows, the grass really is greener at Hart Dairy.

Watch this video of Dr. Richard Watson explaining how we care for our cows:

It’s simple. when you treat cows better, you get better milk.

Hart Dairy is the only national dairy farm to have cows that are Pasture-Raised & Grass-Fed for 365 days a year

Our cows are not even milked indoors. They spend only 8 minutes twice a day in an open-air shed for that. They are never confined and are never left standing on concrete floors, while conventional milk – and sadly, even some of the organic grass-fed milk – can come from cows that spend more than 7 months a year indoors due to unclement weather.

Unfortunately, in the USA, up to 25% of cows experience lameness (leg pain) which stems from being confined on concrete. Since our cows are outdoors on green grass, all day, every day (as they should be), it’s extremely rare for Hart Dairy cows to experience lameness. We believe that Animal Welfare needs to be at the very top of dairy farms’ priorities, and it is at Hart Dairy.

Our cows are never given any growth hormones, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, rBST, or food with GMOs. In fact, we’re Non-GMO Project verified

In the long run, treating cows right benefits all of us who love a good glass of milk.

Our cows are New Zealand Friesian – Jersey crossbreeds that are different than the USA Holstein cow you’ll find at most conventional dairy farms.

Our cows generally live longer, healthier, and more productive lives than other cows. It’s very common for our cows to live more than 12 years when the average conventional dairy cow in the US lives less than 5 years.

And yes, the whole milk is more nutritious.

How much more nutritious? Our cows’ milk has 9 vitamins, including higher levels of Vitamins A and E, more Omega 3s, and much more CLAs.

This is partly because of genetics, and partly because of their grass-rich diets.

How much space do our cows have? 

We have one football field for every 1.3 cows. That’s exactly what it takes in order to be truly pasture raised and NEVER confined.

Hart Dairy is the FIRST Pasteurized Dairy Cow Milk Sold in the US to Earn the Certified Humane® Designation

And it doesn’t stop there. We’re also recognized by the ASPCA Shop With your Heart ProgramNon-GMO Project Verified, and yes, we’re even Kosher.

Animal Welfare is at the very top of our priorities. Happy, free-range cows make simply better – and more nutritious – milk.

Regenerative Agriculture is the only way for farms to be carbon neutral, and even further, climate positive.

Our cows are raised the only way they should be: out there eating fresh grass every single day. Naturally.

When you buy our milk, you support farming practices that condemns the Factory-Farms way of producing food.

You can try our milk with confidence. It’s good-for-you, nutritious and of course, Kosher.

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