this is why we do what we do

We think our milk is pretty great. But don’t just take our word for it.
Here’s what our customers are saying.

“I discovered your chocolate milk about a year or so ago, and I can say with overwhelming confidence that this is THE BEST chocolate milk I’ve ever had!!!

You’ve crafted a perfect product.

PLEASE don’t ever change it!! And I thank you for taking such good care of your cows.”

– Kendall T. from Alpharetta, Georgia

“I have been wanting to give you guys a try since I heard about you last year. I went into Ingles tonight and found you on the shelf for the first time and about jumped up in the air.


I purchased a regular milk and a chocolate milk… WOW is all I can say.

My friends and family consider me a milk connoisseur as I have a fairly refined palate to pick up on many taste differences across brands.
I look forward to making Hart my brand of choice!”

-Robert P. from Stockbridge, GA

“This milk tastes just like it did back in the 60’s when I was a kid and loved milk. For years, I would not drink any milk as it just did not taste good.

Not to mention how you treat your cows, I love that you care so much for the animals!


I am hooked on Hart and will never drink anything but!”

– Sherrie 

 “I was so excited to find your milk in my Publix. I buy your 2% milk weekly now and it makes me so happy to see your cows are living as cows and not being mistreated and exploited.


It’s important for me to know any animal products I purchase are responsibly sourced. I was off dairy for years because of this. It broke my heart to see how our precious animals were being treated.


But now I found your farm and I can finally drink real milk again – knowing no animal had to suffer!

Thank you so much!!! I’ll be a customer for life!”

-Ali L. from Atlanta, GA

“What a wonderful thing you guys do. I am so happy to be able to purchase milk from people like you, who truly care about animals. 


I just can’t believe how wholly awesome your farm is!!!! I’m sure you wake up each day knowing you are making farming and this country soo much better!”


“I seriously LOVE Hart Dairy! Your milk is the only milk I’ll buy.

I just wanted to thank you guys so much for what y’all do. Thank you for producing such a delicious, kind dairy.”

-Hannah R. from Lubbock, Texas

 “LOVE Hart Milk! We are now getting it here in New York City at D’Agostinos. 
This week, we bought three gallons. Please please keep sending your very delicious and special milk to NYC.

-Richard from New York City


“Bravo!!! Thank you for putting such a great product on the market!”

-Bridgett A. from Michigan

Best milk ever! By far the best, foamiest, tastiest, milk since the milkman delivered! Thank you, Hart dairy!”

“The BEST milk I have ever had. So good, it’s amazing!! Let me tell you, I finished my first carton and went back and bought another!!


Thank you for treating the cows humanely and thank you for making fantastic milk…I’ll be spreading the word!!”

– Nancy M.

“Today I was delighted to see a Certified Humane cow’s milk among all the organic and cheap dairy milk (& plant milks).


I bought your 2%, and it is so delicious! I haven’t had milk like this since the 1960s when my grandparents’ neighbor delivered a huge glass jar of milk to us and the cream rose to the top…


Thank you, Hart Dairy. I’ve waited a long time to see Certified Humane Cow’s Milk in Texas.”

-Lynette B. from Houston, Texas

“First time buying your milk and to be fair, I’m a milk snob if that is a thing lol. Your milk is the best tasting out of any milk I’ve had, whether it be organic, raw, grass-fed etc.

After the first half-gallon, I told myself, ‘you have to email them and tell them how awesome their product is.’ 

Thank you for your hard work. I can’t wait to go buy more milk.”

-Webb F.


“I just had my first ever glass of Hart Dairy Chocolate Milk!! Whoa…it’s like drinking a fine Swiss Chocolate Bar. MMMMMMM, so good.

I caught the Georgia Grown show which featured your dairy and was very impressed. I like to support my GA farmers.


Keep up the good work.”

-David G. from Marietta, Georgia


“Best milk I’ve ever tasted.”

– Jeff B. from Boston, Massachusetts

“For years, I have not been able to enjoy chocolate milk. Yours is the first one I’ve enjoyed that isn’t just completely packed with way too much sugar.


So I wanted to say GREAT JOB. I hope you don’t mess with the formula. I will continue to drink a gallon a week. Thanks for all that you’re doing!”

-Dale U.

“If you haven’t tried Hart Dairy chocolate milk, you are seriously missing out. I love to make milkshakes with it!


Seriously, so good and even better because it’s ethically sourced!”

-Macauley F. from Atlanta, Georgia

“I was in Weis Supermarket in Tannersville, PA. I bought your 365 Pasture Raised & Fed Chocolate Milk. 
After 61 years, I can confidently say this is the best chocolate milk I have ever had in my life.
Thank you!”

-Marty from Merrick, New York 


“I always buy store-brand milk, but sometimes I find your milk on sale and it is absolutely the BEST milk I have ever had. 


We love the chocolate milk too! It is rich and creamy.


Thanks so much.”

-Luann B.

Wanna taste what the hype is all about?

Use our Store Locator to see if where to buy Hart Dairy near you. If you can’t find Hart Dairy on the shelves of your favorite grocery store, please mention it to your store manager. 

I just had your milk for the first time and it is amazing. I had the chocolate milk, wow great taste .


I went back a few days later and bought another container. I got it at Stop and Shop in CT. I have been buying Promised Land Midnight but this Hart Dairy blew them out of the water! 

Once again, it’s awesome!

-Mitchell M. from Long Island

“Just purchased three cartons today! So yummy AND supports good practices.

-Julie C. from Austin, Texas

Hart Dairy is the ONLY milk we buy. Keep up the great work and Thank you for treating your cows with so much respect. Its the most important thing to us!

-Kristen B.

“Tried your milk while visiting my brother in Dallas. It was fantastic.

-Greg M. from Illinois

“Wow this is the best, came across this milk at Randall’s, I really like the chocolate milk.

-Kenneth S. from Georgetown, Texas

“Every morning, absolutely the best milk to use for cappuccino.

-Ineke T. from Marietta, Georgia

“Your chocolate milk is amazing.

-Alvero V. from Georgia

“Thank you for all you do for the sake of the health of the herd and the health of your customers. We need more farmers to think like you do!

-Christie M.

“My family and I have just started drinking your milk after discovering everything that is being done to these cows on these other dairy farms and what is being put into the milk we are feeding our children. We love your milk and everything that you’re doing and we will continue to support you.


“I LOVE drinking the milk AND using it to make ice cream! Simply the best!!

-Fransisco O. from Atlanta Georgia

What a wonderful world this would be if all our food was as humanely produced, nourishing, and planet-friendly as Hart’s Milk!

– Brooks P. from Boston, Massachusetts 



I got a jug of your milk and poured a glass and got my socks knocked off! By next evening it was all gone.

I researched where to purchase it and it said at a Publix in Alpharetta, GA. I won’t be able to drive that far for a couple jugs but if it makes it to my local Publix you’ll have a customer for life. 


Thanks for a great product 👍 Hope to be pouring another glass full soon. 😀

-Avery C. from Locust Grove, Georgia

Just discovered this milk at my grocery store and we love it!!

-Anne M.

BEST…..MILK…….EVER!! It’s udderly AMAZING!

-Steve R. from Norcross, Georgia

Best Chocolate Milk ever!! And believe me I am a chocolate milk connoisseur!!

-Jeff W.

“So good I m gonna talk ’bout yo milk till da cows come home.

-Babenhausen B.

“Best milk I’ve ever had!!!!! Thank you for showing the cows so much love. It really makes a difference and you can taste it!!

-Nancy M. from Milford, Connecticut

“This is wonderful. I stopped drinking cow milk years ago due to the treatment of the calves and all around conditions the cows were raised in. So good to have you aboard the Certified Humane train.

-Karen S.

“So happy my local Sams carries your milk. We have a 1 year old that’s just weened to dairy milk and I’m glad we can give him a humane alternative ❤️

-Cierra from Georgia

“You guys are really doing a great job. Truly love your brand

-Dennis C.

“I just got some today in AZ. I love it already! Thank you caring for the animals and the environment!!!!

-Andrea H. from Arizona

“I tried some of your milk today for the 1st time and it is so good!!!

-Marvin D. from Georgia