In addition to placing great emphasis on animal welfare and on producing high quality, grass-fed milk, we take a holistic approach to farming and caring for the environment as well.

In addition to placing great emphasis on animal welfare and on producing a product that’s just better for you with our high quality grass-fed milk, we’re taking a holistic approach to farming and doing our best to look after the environment as well.

Dr. Richard Watson on sustainability at Hart Dairy

Many people think that sustainability and environmental concern aren’t always considered to be high priorities in farming – and that’s just simply not the case. And it’s certainly not the case with us, at Hart Dairy.

Agriculture is viewed as being a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and it does produce about 4% of the world’s greenhouse gas so we certainly can’t be complacent. But what most people fail to recognize is that agriculture is also growing stuff.

The number one way to sequester carbon and draw it out of the atmosphere is to grow stuff – grow green stuff – and that’s what we do here at Hart Dairy, 365 days a year.

Because we’re growing something all year round, we do sequester a large amount of carbon.

The University of Georgia has done a study where they looked at soil organic matter and they found that we sequester over 3.5 tons of carbon per year in our pastures there because there’s something growing here and we’re recycling those nutrients through the cow.

That equals about 1,500 cars on the road for every farm that we have.

As a whole, Hart Dairy’s pastures sequester about 8,900 tons of carbon per year, which is the equivalent of about 6,400 passenger vehicles driven each year!

After 5 years, that’s enough carbon in the soil organic matter to equal that of Virgin forest.

So not only are we sequestering carbon and drawing it out of the atmosphere, we’re also regenerating the land to levels that were there when the trees were felled generations ago.

We take sustainability very seriously and it’s all a part of our approach to farming.

Not only to we have healthy, happy cows, and very highly nutritious milk, but where’re also trying to look after the environment as best we can.